How it started

It all started with the birth of my son.

I was shocked to discover that my experience after having my baby was wildly different from what I saw on social or read in books. Sleepless nights. A laundry list of worries. Endless diapers for baby (and me!). It's truly a magical time, but the constant focus on your baby makes it so easy to forget about yourself.

I knew I wasn’t alone. Every mom I spoke to seemed to say how mentally and physically heavy the postpartum stage was. Hearing that so many mothers don't feel like themselves after giving birth is heartbreaking.

Something needed to change.

I dove into the research and learned that if you support your body with the right nutrition, postpartum can be easier. Proper nourishment has the ability to restore your energy, shake the brain fog, and help you get back on your feet.

It was obvious I needed a postpartum supplement to fill in the gaps in my diet. But in my search, I found questionable ingredients and junk I didn't want passed through my breastmilk. Postpartum health seemed overlooked.

Everydae was born

Unable to find a clean formula I could get behind, I decided to create my own. Alongside naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and scientists, we built Everydae to support the mama’s who need it the most.

Since October 2022, Everydae has now helped thousands of moms navigate motherhood. Whether you're planning for postpartum or knee-deep in mom life, join us in prioritizing self-care so we can show up as the mothers we are meant to be.

Tiana Kelly
Founder & CEO

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Feeling better after giving birth just got easier

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