Nickie Christie

Sleep training her son was so incredibly life-changing that Nickie decided to join the WeeSleep team and become a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant.  Her son became much more content and Nickie really started to enjoy her motherhood journey.  Now Nickie is able to share her experience with families across the globe and give the gift of sleep to other families.

Nickie is no stranger to helping families and children.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in child development.  She also has an extensive work history in childcare and education.  Her genuine and compassionate personality allows Nickie to connect with families on a personal level and understand unique situations.  Nickie would love to work with you to build a personalized sleep plan to get your family the sleep you all need and deserve!  Sleep is vital for every member of your family and together we can achieve that through loving and gentle methods that are proven to work.